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Join New Zealand’s largest and most successful Bookkeeping Association!

Our vision is to be New Zealand’s largest and most successful Bookkeeping Association by providing our members with an outstanding membership experience to help them develop their Bookkeeping Career or Business.

Our team consists of nine experienced Bookkeeping Professionals who are passionate about developing the Bookkeeping profession in New Zealand. They work collaboratively to help steer NZQBA towards realising its long-term vision and goals.

Kenn Cabigayan, NZQBA Membership Coordinator

Kenn loves interacting with members and listening to their goals to help them achieve it and succeed in their career journey.

Kenn is an experienced events facilitator and is passionate in providing excellent customer satisfaction. She focuses in delivering an outstanding membership experience by liaising with them to understand their needs and requirements in order to create and customise events, activities and webinars that would suit their preference and help them to be skilled, confident and well-rounded bookkeepers!

Morris Kaplan, Bookkeepers Hub Co-Founder

Morris manages the Bookkeepers Hub in New Zealand and Australia providing both text and rich media content for the benefit of members and subscribers of the Hub.

Morris has a MBA and over 20 years experience working in financial services, business journalism and digital publishing industry. This experience has informed Morris that you need to be continuously learning new skills to stay relevant. He has now turned his skills and experience to run an interactive, online resource for bookkeeping practitioners and bookkeeping businesses owners: The Bookkeepers Hub.

Morris is passionate about helping New Zealand bookkeepers succeed and enjoys being involved in an industry that is undergoing massive change. Morris has found what separates bookkeepers who succeed from those who remain stagnant, is mindset and a preparedness to face disruptive forces. How? By adopting an attitude and practice of “always learning” and belonging to communities of like-minded individuals. Hence his focus to build the largest virtual community in New Zealand and Australia – The Bookkeepers Hub.

Sue Waught, NZQBA Member Support

Sue loves helping people grow and develop and has been working in the Bookkeeping industry for over 25 years.

Sue is a Certified Bookkeeper and the Managing Director of Waugh Strategies Ltd. Sue became a Certified Bookkeeper through the Practical Experience Pathway, having 25 year’s experience in the Bookkeeping industry. Sue works on accounts at Ranqx Ltd, VantagePoint Marketing and many others. Sue enjoys keeping up with the changes and developments in the industry and helping to develop the Bookkeeping profession.

Kelly Cahi, NZQBA Member Support

Kelly is an experienced Bookkeeper with over 15 years experience

Kelly is a Chartered Accountant and experienced Bookkeeper. She has worked in both New Zealand and overseas for large and small companies. Kelly is an exceptional bookkeeper who has attention to detail. She has worked on 100’s of small business accounts and is very familiar with bookkeeping principles and concepts.

Judith Scarrott, Bookkeeping Member Support

Judith is passionate about helping Bookkeepers develop and grow in their career or business.

Judith has held a Senior Bookkeeper position for a large company in Auckland and ran her own business. She is very experienced in completing GST Returns, Company Financial Statements, processing payroll and completing other Bookkeeping tasks. She enjoys helping develop New Zealand bookkeepers, assisting them in their career or business. Judith is responsible for supporting members via the interactive community in the Bookkeepers Hub, assisting with Bookkeepers Continuing Development, answering technical bookkeeping questions and providing general support to NZQBA members.

Nick Archer, NZQBA Industry Engagement

Nick has over 10 years accounting and bookkeeping experience and enjoys helping junior bookkeepers develop in their career.

Nick provides insight and feedback from the bookkeeping industry. He has significant accounting and bookkeeping experience, having worked in education and commercial accounting for a very long time. He has many years of experience training upcoming accountants and bookkeepers and is passionate about seeing them succeed in their careers.  His advice enables NZQBA to provide industry tailored services to our members.

Jason Lougher, NZQBA Strategic Director

Jason provides strategic direction for the association and is passionate about helping Bookkeepers start their own business.

Born and raised in Whakatane, Jason is a chartered accountant who completed his post graduate studies while working as a tax consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he quickly realised his passion was helping small and medium sized businesses. He now runs his own successful accounting and bookkeeping practice.

Daniel Hunt, Bookkeeping Training Director

Daniel is a highly qualified accountant who is passionate about supporting and developing the Bookkeeping Profession in New Zealand and Internationally.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Daniel has been a facilitator, marker and writer for the chartered accountancy program offered by Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand. He has also written and contributed to several New Zealand text books including the CCH Master Bookkeepers Guide. Daniel has worked as a chartered accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers and has also been a University lecturer. He is responsible for the development and wellbeing of over 20,000 students every year, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Daniel introduced the Certificate in Bookkeeping into the New Zealand market over 10 years ago. This course is the industry benchmark for the Bookkeeping profession, enabling aspiring individuals to become Certified Bookkeepers.

Chris Stodart, NZQBA Strategic Director

Chris has a passion for helping the businesses and bookkeepers he works with grow and develop to reach their full potential.

Chris has been an accountant for over ten years, working both within CA firms and the commercial sector. This has provided Chris with the knowledge and skills to understand all aspects of business. Chris is experienced in both Xero and MYOB, as well as a variety of other business software solutions.

About our members

The New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association (NZQBA) represents a network of more than 1,000 bookkeepers in New Zealand and Internationally who use their expertise to make a difference to the businesses and communities in which they live and work. See what our members have to say below:

Leanne Jensen, Certified Bookkeeper

“I’m Leanne and I’ve worked off and on in accounting most of my adult life. In difference to the commonly held view that it is not a terribly exciting job, I have enjoyed doing the books for an advertising agency whilst living in Zimbabwe, worked in London CBD for the UKs largest multi-national company and I’m now running by own bookkeeping business called Totally Booked Bookkeepers. Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper and member has enabled me to gain personal development on a level I could only dream about. Totally Booked Bookkeepers gives you back your time, which is the most precocious commodity of all. Never again will you have to fear those GST returns, reconciling bank accounts, or 31st March! Totally Booked Bookkeepers understand the daily struggles affecting small NZ business owners and we want to help. Outsourcing your accounts is one of the smartest decisions you can make as it leaves you to concentrate on doing what you do best – building your business. Totally Booked Bookkeepers provides accurate, reliable and affordable bookkeeping and payroll services.”

Samantha Marshall, Qualified Bookkeeper

Samantha Marshall (Sam) is an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper (AATQB) at Big Blue Ltd, a leading supply of filterer and bottled water. Sam became an AATQB with The Career Academy and this has given her the skills and confidence to succeed in her career.  Sam’s everyday work involves using Xero, dealing with Profit and loss accounts, Depreciation, Fixed Assets, Cashflow, Debt Collection, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory.

Ahmed Raza, Certified Bookkeeper

Ahmed Raza is a Certified Bookkeeper who runs his own Bookkeeping Business. He recently completed his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and is now a practicing as tax agent. He assists businesses with their Bookkeeping requirements, preparation of financials, filing of GST, tax returns, FBT Returns, Payroll and can also liaise with Inland Revenue and assist with the compliance of IRD regulations. He also provides Business Advisory Services.

Elena Hajis, Chartered Accountant and Certified Bookkeeper

Elena has more than 20 years bookkeeping experience and works with a number of New Zealand businesses who need international tax/bookkeeping services such as TT Services New Zealand (TTS). TTS is a commercial company working in partnership with the New Zealand Government to provide New Zealand visa application services in many countries. Elena has worked on a range of consulting issues and specialises in a broad range of tax and business advisory skills to assist small to medium sized businesses. She is an expert in helping New Zealand businesses expand globally. Elena is now actively running her own bookkeeping consultancy practice Thinking Global with an international client base. Thinking Global specialises in expatriate taxation services, accounting and bookkeeping solutions for private clients, privately owned New Zealand businesses and new businesses moving into Australia or other countries Internationally.

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