Approved Advisor Group

On 7 September 2023, NZQBA were recognised as an Approved Advisor Group. This status enhances our ability to advocate for the Bookkeeping profession and offers our members valuable benefits.

Becoming an Approved Advisor Group highlights our members’ key role in providing expert advice on tax laws, strengthening their credibility and professional standing.

Approved Advisor Group

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”​ - Phil Jackson

What is it

Approved Advisor Group

An Approved Advisor Group is an official status granted by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue to organizations that meet specific criteria for providing tax advice.

While the organisation holds this status, it also provides significant benefits to our members.

What is an "Approved Advisor Group"?

An Approved Advisor Group is defined in Section 20B(5) of Tax Administration Act 1994 as a group that:

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of Approved Advisor Group status are:

Advantages for Members and the Profession


NZQBA’s status as an Approved Advisor Group offers three key benefits: it elevates our members’ professional standing, advances the bookkeeping profession, and upholds the integrity of New Zealand’s tax system.

Advocacy and Representation

NZQBA’s Approved Advisor Group status enhances the representation of bookkeepers and their clients within the tax system. This broader representation helps to advocate for fair and equitable tax policies that benefit all stakeholders.

Professional Standards

By holding this status, NZQBA promotes the highest professional standards within the bookkeeping industry. Members are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct and are subject to a disciplinary process, ensuring that only the best practices are followed.

Integrity of the Tax System

With more bookkeepers operating under the Approved Advisor Group umbrella, the integrity of New Zealand’s tax system is bolstered. This wider representation contributes to a fairer, more transparent tax environment that benefits everyone.

Approved Advisor Group


Benefits to NZQBA Members

While Approved Advisor Group recognition is a significant milestone for our Association, it brings a host of tangible benefits to our members and the Bookkeeping profession as a whole.

Reap the rewards

Being a member of an Approved Advisor Group offers significant benefits, including increased credibility and non-disclosure rights. Learn more about our membership options and how you can take advantage of these advantages by downloading our member info pack.


Real-World Examples of Benefits

Here are some real-world examples showing how non-disclosure rights and enhanced credibility benefit clients and professionals alike.

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