Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

NZQBA Membership Subscription – Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

NZQBA is designed specifically to support members and develop the Bookkeeping profession in New Zealand. It was established to offer high quality connections and excellent benefits to members of the Bookkeeping profession.

These NZQBA membership conditions are intended to ensure that NZQBA membership is associated with professionalism, ethical behaviour and quality work.

Members of the NZQBA must comply with these membership conditions.

2. Code of conduct and ethics

All members must comply with the NZQBA code of conduct and ethics. This is published on the NZQBA website at https://nzqba.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Code-of-Conduct-Complaints.pdf

3. Admission to membership

To be admitted for membership, applicants must complete the online registration located at https://nzqba.co.nz/nzqba-application/

The NZQBA Membership Co-ordinator will review your application and either approve or reject you for membership. It is at the sole discretion of the NZQBA Membership Co-ordinator to approve or decline an individual for membership. If a member is declined, the individual may submit an appeal to the CEO of NZQBA, clearly outlining the reasons why the member should be admitted to membership. The CEO will then make a final decision on whether to admit the individual for membership.

4. Ending membership

A member may terminate their membership after 3 months of paid subscription and 30 days written notification to the NZQBA Membership Co-ordiantor.

NZQBA may terminate a member’s membership if that member:
• fails to make payment of membership fees when due;
• fails to submit a CPD declaration when required; or
• is found by NZQBA to have breached these membership conditions or the NZQBA code of conduct and ethics.

5. Membership fees

Certified Bookkeeper Membership is $25 per month and Qualified Bookkeeper Membership is $45 per month.

NZQBA collects membership fees via Woo Commerce.