Bookkeepers ultimate eInvoicing Handbook

As a bookkeeper, you understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape. Did you know that the government has set a target of 90% B2G invoices being exchanged electronically by July 2026?

This means the e-Invoicing revolution is in full swing, and as New Zealand champions this transformative change, we invite you to join the movement with our Comprehensive Guide to eInvoicing – now with insights from Acume, a trusted eInvoicing capable software recognised by the MBIE.

Discover the Power of eInvoicing:

  • Slash Processing Costs: Save up to 90% on invoicing expenses with streamlined eInvoicing solutions.
  • Supercharge Processing Cycles: Say goodbye to lengthy delays and welcome quicker transactions.
  • Fortify Fraud Mitigation: Strengthen your risk management practices with secure eInvoicing systems.¬†
  • Simplify Tax Compliance: Stay on top of tax and legal obligations with ease.

Start your free trial now and unleash the full potential of Acume! Simplify eInvoicing and effortlessly capture PDF invoices with our powerful OCR tech. No more manual entries required. Try Acume today!