How to price payroll services as a Bookkeeper

Many bookkeepers have already taken the step towards offering payroll as a value-add to their existing services.

Chances are, you’re no exception – you’re staying ahead of the curve and above the competition by expanding beyond traditional bookkeeping tasks. You will also likely have a good idea of how to price your bookkeeping services at this point.

But how do you stand out in the market, and how do you determine a price point for your payroll services that will be attractive to clients, yet cost-savvy for your business?

With insights from Employment Hero’s own Revenue Strategy Manager, download the guide now to learn:

  • The different types of value-adding reseller options, such as fully managed or part-managed payroll services
  • Factors to consider when pricing payroll service, including client size and feature availability
  • Possible pricing strategies, such as bundles or fixed pricing
  • Key metrics to measure success of your pricing strategy, including customer retention and revenue growth

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