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Certified Bookkeeper Membership

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Certified Bookkeeper Membership

This membership is designed for individuals who are either newcomers to the industry or professionals working full-time but seeking a supportive community of like-minded bookkeepers.

As a Certified Bookkeeper, you will stay updated on the latest industry trends, gain valuable insights, and build a robust network of peers.

Whether you’re a fresh entrant into bookkeeping or a seasoned professional seeking connection, this membership is ideal for those who want to stay informed and connected.

Membership Fees that fit your needs

Whether you prefer to pay annually, monthly, or even weekly, we’ve got you covered. With our adaptable membership fees, you have the freedom to choose the payment frequency that works best for you. No matter your budget or schedule, we’re here to make sure you can enjoy all the benefits of membership hassle-free


Unlock savings with an annual fee.
$ 295
  • Cost-effective (save 16%)
  • Uninterrupted access.
  • Convenient - set and forget.
Save $53


Monthly fees offer flexible payments
$ 29
  • Flexibility in payments.
  • Manageable budgeting.
  • Access to all benefits.
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Weekly option for budget-conscious users.
$ 9
  • Hassle-free payment option.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Access to all benefits.

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Beyond the invaluable support from a professional body, becoming a Certified Bookkeeper member will open the door to a host of other benefits, including exciting discount offerings! 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Discover why NZQBA membership is essential for Bookkeepers, how it boosts credibility, provides access to invaluable resources, and supports career growth.

This membership is ideal for:

  • Aspiring bookkeepers looking to enter the industry.
  • Full-time professionals seeking to enhance their network and industry knowledge.
  • Individuals interested in accessing a supportive community of bookkeepers for guidance and advice.

If you don’t fall into these specific categories, we recommend consulting our Membership Matrix to discover a personalized fit for your professional aspirations.

Belonging to NZQBA as a Bookkeeper provides numerous benefits such as enhancing credibility, gaining trust from clients, staying updated with industry standards, accessing valuable resources, networking with professionals, and unlocking professional development and career advancement opportunities. It also ensures adherence to ethical standards and provides support and advocacy within the industry.

Joining NZQBA enhances a Bookkeeper’s credibility by showcasing their commitment to professional standards and ethical conduct. It establishes a recognized affiliation that clients can trust, as it demonstrates that the Bookkeeper is part of a larger professional community and adheres to a code of conduct set by a professional body.

Professional bodies provide a wealth of resources for Bookkeepers, including industry-specific tools, templates, guidelines, and best practices. These resources can assist Bookkeepers in performing their duties effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, we often offer access to publications, research articles, and online communities where Bookkeepers can gain insights from experts and collaborate with peers.

We advocate for the interests of Bookkeepers, provide support in case of disputes, and offer platforms for networking and career advancement, connecting Bookkeepers with potential employers and mentors.

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