Kamal Bawa, NZQBA Member

Unlocking Success in Networking

Kamal’s adventure in the world of bookkeeping began in Delhi, India, and led him to New Zealand, where he pursued a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Fast forward to now and, driven by his love for numbers and analysis, he has since completed his Masters in Business Accounting.

While accounting has been the focus of Kamal’s studies he has found himself drawn to the practicality and analytical nature of bookkeeping.

Joining NZQBA

Deciding to join the New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association (NZQBA) was a smart move for Kamal. He needed guidance as he started his own business – KB Accountancy Limited. The online resources and webinars provided by the Association were super helpful, teaching him important skills and keeping him up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

Networking Meetings

Attending NZQBA’s networking meetings was a game-changer for Kamal. He got to connect with other bookkeepers, sharing ideas and learning from their experiences. These meetings weren’t just about showing up; they were a place where Kamal could improve his business strategies and get practical advice from other members.

Auckland Networking Meeting - Kamal Bawa
Auckland Networking Meeting - April 2024
Auckland Networking Meetings
Auckland Networking Meeting - March 2024

Support and Guidance

NZQBA didn’t just offer networking opportunities; they also provided Kamal with practical support. They helped him refine his business plan and gave him strategies to tackle the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

“Presenting my business plan to fellow NZQBA members was an invaluable experience. Their feedback and suggestions not only refined my document but also provided fresh perspectives and insights that I hadn’t considered. Being able to present it back again after incorporating their input not only strengthened my plan but also instilled a sense of confidence in its direction.”

The sense of community at NZQBA, both online and in-person, gave Kamal a support system where he could seek advice and find solidarity with other members facing similar struggles.  Here, he was able to seek advice and draw strength from fellow members who shared similar struggles.

Networking Success

Looking back on his journey, Kamal believes that his association with NZQBA has been life changing. It’s not just about the resources or networking; it’s about the supportive community that has helped him grow and succeed as a Bookkeeper.

To Kamal, NZQBA isn’t just an association; it’s a valuable partner on his path to becoming a successful Bookkeeper.

We would like to thank Kamal for taking the time to chat with our team about his journey in bookkeeping. To learn more about Kamal, you can find him here on LinkedIn